Teaching Philosophy for Vocational English Students

 Hyeong rak, Park

           Students from the vocational high school must be care with different with the general school students from English teachers and education researchers. Because vocational high school students will only find the job after graduating the high school. Therefore, they have the vocational English with general English textbooks and English teaching method now. Vocational high school students, however, have low level language competences and low motivation from English. A research survey shows that they do not know why are they learning English. English experts, thus, should make National Competency Standards based vocational English textbooks with basic learners.

           The background of vocational English course was developed from National Competency Standards. National Competency Standards is only the vocational education system for Korean human resource departments of the company. The government made the standards of work competence to all kind of job from the need of human resource departments. The Ministry of Education applied these standards to each majors of the vocational high school. Vocational school students can learn the real survival vocational English for their major and finding job. Therefore, they will have the learning motivation about English.

           The vocational school students have to learn the basic English. A research survey show that they cannot speak English, read an English textbook and know the grammar. The vocational English teachers concerned how to apply with Communicative Language Teaching to students. If they use the National Competency Standards vocational English textbook, they can solve it. This text book is consisted of the script theory. The job real world situation has almost the process of work with the communication such as ritual activity. The vocational students can easily practice the imitation of good model in Bureaucrat society with English communication.

           In the vocational high school, the English teacher can apply the vocational English as the script learning. It is similar with the survival English course. However, the vocational high school students are considered to their English level and low learning motivation. First, the English teacher inputs the background knowledge of major content. This more contents are based and included with the basic English vocabulary for their major. Second, students learn the process of communication in the real job situation. This process is easy for the communication such as drama scripts. Finally, the teacher asks them the project such as the cooperative language learning.

          National Competency Standards and the script theory can mix in the vocational English for students. Two components can give the high motivation and English communication practice to vocational high school students. Teacher, in addition, can be helped from the National Competency Standards textbook. Because vocational English teachers were only studying English education or other specialization major education department. In conclusion, National Competency Standards and the script theory newly guide the learning direction methodology to students, teachers and researchers in new vocational textbooks.

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