The Power of Motivation

Hyeong rak, Park


                  The English teacher’s behavior and speech must have charisma front of students in Korean class. The teacher’s charisma influences the student’s concentration and atmosphere of class. If the atmosphere of class is distracted with no teacher’s charism, any students do not participate the activity in their group and on or two students study and solve the task in solitude, sometimes no interaction with the peer. Teacher, thus, must try to encourage and show them his faith of teaching.

                  The motivation is an important factor in the English learning. Students can have the positive motivation for the success and achievement learning from the English teacher’s communication. In Asian culture, people traditionally thought that teacher’s high authority is absolute. Passive acceptance of the teacher’s speech is absolute to students for this reason. English teacher, thus, can easily be the leader who has the strong belief from students in his class. For the achievement and success learning, English teacher must use his authority and evoke to student’s learning motivation with the communication.

                  Students in the specialized vocational high schools need the learning motivation even though the English teacher shows a false encouragement. Many popular teachers in the private education uses the false encouragement. They speak students that if their teaching follows, students can have the high score of test above the others. Their public relations help to be popular whether or no. The English teacher in the specialized vocational high schools must be confidence to students who are challenged. And then in the activity of learning the English teacher must lead the poor speakers to their group. When the poor speakers speak some word in spite of the full sentence, English teacher should praise them on their effort. Students, therefore, can have the motivation from the teacher’s speech.

                  In conclusion, the English teacher’s behavior and speech dance students. In the English learning, the motivation is the beliefs facilitating English speaking. Students who is lacking in confidence must have the motivation from the English teacher’s public relations and compliment. The English teacher is due to try to encourage students and show them his faith of teaching to use the authority. The motivation, thus, is powerful for the English student performance. It can change the teaching method from the teacher centered to the students centered automatically.

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